Lele Shu is an associate professor in Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources (NIEER), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) since 2020. He obtained PhD degree of Water Resource Engineering and minor degree of Computational Science from Pennsylvania State University in 2017, then worked as postdoc in UC Davis. His research interest includes computational distributed hydrologic model, integrated Coupled Nature-Human System modeling, impact of landuse and climate change and hydrologic data mining.

  • Hydrologic model with numeric methos
  • Spatial heterogeneity and homogeneity in runoff, evaporation, subsurface fluxes and in their sensitivity to their controls
  • High-performance/parallel computing in hydrologic models
  • Coupled Nature-Human watershed modeling
  • Ph.D in Water Resources Engineer and Computational Science, 2012-2017

    Pennsylvania State University

  • M.S. in GIS and Remote Sensing, 2006-2009

    University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Lanzhou, China)

  • B.S in Geography Information System, 2001-2005

    Lanzhou University (Lanzhou, China)