The SHUD model description paper is published on Geoscientific Model Development

The SHUD model description paper is published on the Geoscientific Model Development. Total readers is more than 300 after the preprint. Web page: PDF link: Thanks to the editor Dr.

Simulator for Hydrologic Unstructured Domains (SHUD v1.0): Numerical modeling of watershed hydrology with the finite volume method

This paper introduces the design of SHUD, from the conceptual and mathematical description of hydrological processes in a watershed to computational structures. To demonstrate and validate the model performance, we employ three hydrological experiments: the V-Catchment experiment, Vauclin's experiment, and a study of the Cache Creek Watershed in northern California, USA.

Release of SHUD v1.0

The release of SHUD v1.0 on GitHub( The conceputal and procedual design of the SHUD model can be found in our model description paper at Geoscientific Model Development Model

Poster about quick model deployment in AGU 2019

In coming AGU fall meeting in San Francisco, Dr. Shu will present the “Quick and reproducible automated watershed modeling with the SHUD: Essential data, simulation, applications and visualization” on Friday, Dec 13, 2019.

The new website of SHUD modeing system is online

The website is online now. The independent domain will be ready in a week.

Mendota Lake

The SHUD modeling in Mendota Lake, Wisconsin

Sunapee Lake

The SHUD modeling in Sunapee Lake, New Hampshire.

Yanhua Village in Ningxia, China

The mud flood 2018 in Yanhua Village, Ningxia, China