Source code of rSHUD is available via

This package can be used with the AutoSHUD project, that can build modeling domain automatically.

Purpose of the package:

  1. convert the geospatial data into SHUD format. The tool kit is able to process the raster and vector data, then building the unstructured triangular mesh domain for SHUD.
  2. Write/read the SHUD input files.
  3. Read the SHUD output files.
  4. Generate the calibration parameter set.
  5. Time-Series analysis on hydrologic data
  6. 2D/3D plot.
  7. GIS analysis. Convert the unstructure data into spatial data (Shapefile or Raster)
  8. Download the USGS hydrological data, including discharge, ground water well, sediment, etc.




Current rSHUD requires different version of RTriangle package. you must install that via github (Dec 2019):

devtools::install_github("shulele/RTriangle", subdir="pkg")