• Cache Creek Watershed, California

    Code is available at and Github: The data is big. If you need, please email to Lele Shu Cache Creek Watershed The Cache Creek Watershed (CCW) is a headwater catchment with area $196.

  • Vauclin Experiment

    Vauclin’s experiment [@Vauclin1979] is designed to assess groundwater table change and soil moisture in the unsaturated layer under precipitation or irrigation. The experiment was conducted in a sandbox with dimension 3 m long $ \times $ 2 m deep $\times $ 0.

  • Flooding inundation area, Houston (2017)

    Background This study is to estimate the inundation area during Harvey Hurricane 2017 in Houston, Texas, from Aug 27 to Sept 3, 2017 (Wikipedia). This hurricane is one of most costliest U.