Simulator for Hydrologic Unstructured Domains (SHUD v1.0): Numerical modeling of watershed hydrology with the finite volume method

SHUD模型是一个多时间尺度、多空间尺度、物理性的分布式水文模型,使用有限体积方法(Finite Volume Method)求解水文微分方程的数学模型。本文将介绍SHUD的概念、过程和数学模型,并使用三个案例展示模型的计算能力和尺度。

A Person Re-Identification System For Mobile Devices

Person re-identification is a critical security task for recognizing a person across spatially disjoint sensors. Previous work can be computationally intensive and is mainly based on low-level cues extracted from RGB data and implemented on a PC for …